Month 127 – PSA Results

I went for my originally scheduled six-month PSA test last Thursday and was able to look online last night to see the disconcerting results: A substantial increase to 0.21 ng/ml.

Breaking the 0.2 ng/ml threshold now officially puts me into the biochemical recurrence category, at least according to the long-held definition of biochemical recurrence.

Needless to say, I felt gut-punched on seeing the results. Sure, I’ve know for over five years that my trend has been upward, but I guess I got comfortable with it bouncing around the 0.10 to 0.16 range for the last few years. I wasn’t expecting such a substantial leap between my “surprise” PSA test in February and this one in June.

When it comes to PSA doubling time, it dropped from 67.7 months to 52.8 months with this latest test result included in the calculations. If I look at only the five most recent test results, the PSA doubling time drops to 46.5 months. Of course, all of those are great numbers that a lot of guys would like to have.

My appointment with the doctor isn’t until 6 July, and it will be an interesting conversation now that we’ve crossed that magical line of 0.2 ng/ml. In a way, I’m glad I’ve got several weeks to think this through and to come up with good questions to ask so that I’m prepared for the appointment.

Of course, salvage radiation therapy just moved to the top of the list of things to talk about. It will be interesting to see if their recommendation changes given the 0.21 number versus the long PSA doubling time.

Needless to say, there’s going to be much reflection and research in the weeks ahead.

13 thoughts on “Month 127 – PSA Results

  1. Jane Riordan

    Hi Dan- this does sound like a gut punch. I hope that you get the rest and reflection you need during this time. I read all your blog posts- thank you for sharing your journey


    1. Hi Jane,

      Thanks. I was really hoping to avoid the salvage radiation, but it looks like that hope may be slipping away.

      Thanks, too, for reading through my blog. I hope it’s brought some insight and perspective.

      All the best,



  2. Lori

    So sorry to hear the numbers are creeping in the wrong direction. It’s certainly concerning to hear. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love you!


  3. philblog100

    Not sure what to say, Dan. The numbers in recent times have been erratic, so hopefully this is another outlier. Thinking of you and hoping for a great outcome. Cheers, Phil


  4. Charles McGill

    Sorry to hear of your PSA rise above 0.2 but if like me you want to check where the cancer cells are growing you might want to investigate the PSMA route that I know you are aware of too. Although your PSA would need to rise to 1.0 or above to avoid a false negative. Good Luck Dan.


    1. Thanks, Charles. You’re right. I really want to find out where it’s at if at all possible before zapping. It’s just a crap shoot when it comes to the timing.


  5. So sorry to hear about the discouraging PSA number, Dan. Like others who have commented, I’m hoping this is an outlier number. Either way, I can’t think of anyone who is better informed or prepared to deal with a change of circumstances. Good luck to you.


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