Day 3,392 – PSA Retest Results

My last PSA test on 4 February showed a 50% drop in my value compared to the previous test in September 2019, which is a major, unexplained swing considering that I haven’t been doing treatments of any type to lower my PSA. It just didn’t sit right with me, so I asked for a retest.

PSA 20200223I went in on 20 February for the retest, and the PSA came back at 0.16 ng/ml, exactly where it was in September 2019. (At least that’s the silver lining in the cloud: it didn’t go even higher.)

We’ll probably never get a good explanation for the dip in my PSA earlier this month, and I guess that’s just part of dealing with this beast. I’m going to leave the errant data point on my chart just to show how wacky this can be at times.

The one thing that this has done, though, is drive my PSA Doubling Time down to 39.7 months according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering PSADT Calculator (excluding the 0.08 reading). That’s still a very good number, but it’s downward trend over time is becoming more concerning.

I’m really glad that I was able to get the retest done before my appointment with the doctor on Tuesday. It certainly will make for an interesting discussion.

More to come…

8 thoughts on “Day 3,392 – PSA Retest Results

  1. KenG

    Dan, I’m guessing lab error. I mentioned that in a post after you talked about the crazy drop. But somehow it never got posted.
    As you said though, the doubling time, although not as long as hoped, is still very good and bodes well for a good outcome, should future action be needed,
    ‘Let’s hope it levels off here for a very long time, if not forever.
    It will be interesting to hear what your Dr has to say.


    1. Thanks, Ken. As I recall, when you asked me to edit your post, I had difficulty removing the info and the only option I had was to delete it.

      I hope your treatment is going well for you.



  2. What a strange turn of events, Dan. But now the picture is clearer. Good luck in your next consultation and with making your decision for next steps, if any are even required at this point. Sending good thoughts…


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