Day 3,060 – PSA Results: WTF?!?

Okay. Sorry to use the vernacular, but what the f*ck?!? My PSA went down from 0.13 ng/ml to 0.10 ng/ml!

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. But, seriously, WTF?

This is great news, but when you get yourself psyched up for yet another increase (after 3.5 years of pretty steady increases), it certainly plays games with your mind when the number goes in the opposite direction in a substantial way. Did I ever mention that I hate this disease?

I can’t wait to hear what the urologist has to say about this on 18 April. It should be entertaining.

So that’s that. Go figure.

PSA 20190326

13 thoughts on “Day 3,060 – PSA Results: WTF?!?

  1. philblog100

    Always good to get positive news Dan. I was only pondering the other day wether cancer has messed more with my mind or my body. Hard to tell sometimes. Here’s hoping for a new trend line downwards. Congratulations. Cheers, Phil

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    1. HI Jim. It is good news. I take it with a grain of salt because the overall trend is still upward, but this means at a slower rate,

      All the best with your results.

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  2. lufboro

    The minor ups and downs of the PSA are not as significant as the overall direction of multiple PSAs, don’t you think? I hope this drop is the first of many; but if not there are options for treatment based on a careful reevaluation…


  3. Looking at your graph you had a couple of upward blips early on and now a downward blip (or is it a trend (fingers crossed)?) which possibly goes to suggest that PSA figures are not as precise as we would like. I have a friend who couldn’t understand his high PSA until his consultant told him to stop cycling so much for a few weeks before his next blood draw (and I have delayed my next one following a TURP).

    Enjoy the lower PSA.


    1. HI Tim,

      Thanks. That’s one thing I’m careful of–no activity for a week before the blood draw that could possibly skew the results. No cycling. No orgasms. Nothing.

      And, yes, I’ll definitely enjoy the lower value while I can.


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