Day 2,091 – Off for the Blood Draw

So I’m off to get my blood drawn for the next PSA test. (Those 4 months went by faster than I expected.)

Anyone want to get a pool going on what the results will be? (Hey, you got to have some fun with this crap, right??) My money is on somewhere between 0.95 ng/ml and 0.12 ng/ml. It was 0.08 ng/ml in April. Of course, if it doubles like it did from December to April, that would put it at a scary 0.16 ng/ml.

My real desire is for it to be 0.08 or less, but in my mind, I’ve been preparing for it to be in that 0.95–0.12 range. Expect the worst; hope for the best; deal with the facts once they’re known.

I’ll keep you posted as I log into my health account every hour on the hour for the next three days searching for the result. The appointment with the urologist to go over the results and potential next steps is on 23 August.

8 thoughts on “Day 2,091 – Off for the Blood Draw

  1. philblog100

    I will put my money on 0.075. Fingers and toes and everything else crossed for a good result. Waiting for results is such a shitty time. May it go fast. Cheers, Phil


  2. Sorry you have to wait up to three days. I get mine back the next day. Incidentally, I go in next week for my PSA readout. I’m hoping mine isn’t much over 40.

    Here’s to hoping for a stable if not decreasing result.

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    1. Thanks, Jim. It may not take 3 days to get the results online, but that’s what’s happened historically. Good luck with yours. I went through and read your entire story this weekend. Thank you for sharing it; it’s been very helpful for me. Wishing you all the best, too. -Dan

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    1. Thanks, Phil. Time will tell. It was interesting today. This morning, I was nervous to the point of not being able to eat breakfast; this afternoon, I was upbeat and unconcerned. Weird.

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