Month 68 – Waiting for the Next PSA Test

This will be a short post this month—my brain has been prostate cancer-ed out after the last few months and needs a respite for a few weeks before I buckle in for the roller coaster ride that is the next PSA test.

Speaking of the next PSA test, I’m planning on going in for the blood draw right around 1-3 August 2016. We’ll have to see how my schedule looks that week.

My urologist has authorized me to get the blood draw as of 1 July, so I could go in tomorrow if I really wanted to, but I’m going to do my best to stick to the first week of August to preserve the even spacing of the last three tests—pretty close to exactly four months apart ( 3 December–6 April; 6 April–3 August).

If I lose my willpower and go early, I’ll let you know.

This week also offered up some major news on the prostate cancer front with a shift towards genetic testing to help determine how to best treat prostate cancer. You can read more about it in this Washington Post article, Leading researchers recommend major change in prostate cancer treatment.

5 thoughts on “Month 68 – Waiting for the Next PSA Test

  1. Doesn’t it feel like you’re always waiting for a PSA test? When I went 6 months without one I almost forgot about it right up to a month before, when the regular anxiety kicked in. Then there’s the wait for the result. All the best!


    1. I get what you’re saying. I was on a 9-month schedule when that PSA ticked up almost a year ago. It had become a near non-event by that point. Not anymore.


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