Day 1,769 – Getting Prepared

It’s the day before my meeting with my urologist, and I’ve been scribbling down the questions that I’m going to ask tomorrow. The Boy Scout in me  is coming out: Be Prepared.

Emotionally, it’s been one of my better days in the last few days. Yesterday, I was mad as hell in the morning and sad by sunset.

One of the infuriating things about this whole adventure is that there’s just sooo much information that’s out there, and there are so many different approaches to the same issue, that it makes it extraordinarily difficult to sift through it all and make sense of what I should do next. Then, of course, there’s the inherent bias introduced by perspective. Talk to a urologist, get one opinion; talk to an oncologist, get another; talk to a surgeon, get a third. While they all care about their patients, let’s face the fact that they are running a business and that can influence recommendations.

A case in point is the fact that a few days ago, I read something that made me think I would be a good candidate for salvage radiation therapy based on my Gleason score and time to PSA increasing. The next day, I read that, because I had negative margins, SRT wouldn’t really be an option, as the cancer would be outside the prostatic bed. Maybe I was just too drained and misread one or the other, but it sure can be confusing.

With luck, I’ll have some answers by lunchtime tomorrow.  Look for an update in the afternoon where hopefully I’ve been proven to be an overreacting drama queen.


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