Watch: Current Status of PSMA Diagnostics

Here’s a good overview of PSMA diagnostics by Dr. Calais, one of the UCLA doctors involved with getting 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET approved by the FDA. It’s a bit on the technical side, but it does show the strengths and limitations of the imaging technique.

3 thoughts on “Watch: Current Status of PSMA Diagnostics

  1. SanGvdub

    Thanks for this very useful. My husband recently had a PSMA PET scan in the UK for rising PSA occurrence following prostatectomy in 2015 (second re-occurrence) . It certainly showed areas of possible lesions not evident on the CT and bone scans resulting in further biopsies which as the speaker says may be inflammation hopefully . The scan itself was a more comfortable experience than previous choline PET scan for first re-occurrence .


  2. Charles McGill

    Hi Dan, thanks again for sharing your findings. This one is a gem. I had a question I was considering asking you because I have seen a lot of reporting recently on the Osprey trial and the use of 18F DCFPyL and was wondering about the relative merits, advantages or disadvantages of these two FDA approved PSMA imaging agents (18F DCFPyL and 68 Ga).
    You appear to have anticipated my unasked question with the circulation of this video!.
    As I understand it from this video they have very similar results with regards to sensitivity and specificity.
    However in my reading about the Osprey trial I thought I saw they had excluded patients on ADT and I don’t know the reason for this. Do you? It’s relevant to me because I have been on ADT for over four years.


    1. Hi Charles.

      I’m sorry to say that I’ve not been tracking the 18F DCFPyL imaging as closely as I should, so I’m not sure why the trial excluded ADT patients.


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