Day 3,058 – A Date with Dracula

My local friendly phlebotomist, aka Dracula, just sucked a vial of blood from my arm for the next PSA test. I should have the results online by Friday.

I was impressed. In and out of the clinic in less than ten minutes. Not bad at all.

Here’s where we were the last time around just as a refresher:

PSA 20181203 clean

5 thoughts on “Day 3,058 – A Date with Dracula

  1. Good luck Dan. I’m sending good thoughts your way for a stable or decreasing PSA level. I just had the first of my 40 radiation treatments. I hate to say this, but one treatment alone made me feel weak, nauseated and dizzy. Worse, when I got home my bowels just released on me. No warning, no urgency, just a big mess. This is not supposed to happen. Is it possible that I am the world’s worst candidate for SRT? I don’t know. The anxiety is killing me. I am already on higher doses of benzos than any ethical psych doc would give. No wiggle room there. Thank God I am not doing the hormone therapy, though I’m pretty convinced that reduces my probability of zero PSA at the end of this. It’s all a big dice game in the end. So far I’m rolling nothing but craps. Terrible pun intended.
    Take care Dan,


    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with your first radiation treatment. Sounds awful. I hope that that doesn’t continue through the remaining sessions for you. I remember how anxious I was just to have the first conversation with the radiation oncologist about salvage radiation. My stomach was in knots the whole day. I can only imagine how I might be for the first week or so of treatments if I go down that path.

      Hoping things improve for you, physically and psychologically.



  2. Clark Fishback

    Looks like you are where I was about 5 years after surgery- on an upswing. So I did the radiation (33 days) and Lupron trip 1.5 years ago. If you go that way I will look forward to reading your blog to compare my experience with yours.


    1. Hi Clark,

      Thanks for the comment and offer to compare notes. How has the radiation worked for you? Been effective at keeping your PSA at bay? Any long-term side effects that impact quality of life for you?




  3. Ken G

    Dan, good luck. I’m hoping hoping praying that your PSA stabilizes and gives you at least a temporary reprieve. As you may recall, our pathology was remarkably similar, but it took only 2-3 years (depending on what measure you use), for my PSA to become detectable.
    I finished SRT 4 1/2 months ago, and SRT ran its course as of a month ago.

    FWIW, maybe it helps you to know, I’ve had no side effects other than a few minor annoyances.
    Good luck, I’ll look forward to your next report


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