Day 2,581 – PSA Test Time

Yes, it’s that time again—time for my next PSA test. I had the blood drawn this morning, and I should be able to get the results online in three days.

My last reading was 0.09 ng/ml and, if you put a trend line over the last four readings, this reading should come out somewhere around 0.105 ng/ml. Let’s see how accurate its predictive powers are.

Stay tuned.

PSA Tracker 20170802

3 thoughts on “Day 2,581 – PSA Test Time

    1. Hi Tim. That, we do. Although, I have to admit that for some (good) reason, this time around I’ve been quite calm about the whole thing. I really do believe that my time in the mountains in October and November really recalibrated me.

      Good luck with your results!


  1. Sean Kilkenny

    Hi Dan, as of 12/8 it will be one year since my RP. My blood work has been <0.05 ng/mL 3 times. I’m lucky, no I continence and ed that is taken care of by a pill.
    I found out about my cancer in early September 2016. I found your blog shortly after that and can’t tell you how much it gave me comfort at a time when I felt very alone, even with people who love me. Cancer is a lonely business for us all.
    After my RP I found a “support” group online. It got to be very depressing. I’m speaking for me. I had to stop reading and start living. My cancer is in remission and it doesn’t define who I am. I feel so much better focusing on being Sean, not Cancer Sean. Life will do as it pleases and I will make decisions as needed. Until that time I will not let this illness own me.
    I like reading your blog. You give me hope that we can all get on with living and not dying.
    Thanks for being you. I’m sure you have helped many men. I will be thinking about you and hoping for the best of outcomes for you. God bless and happy holidays.
    Sean Kilkenny


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