Day 1,852 – PSA Results

The results are in. My current PSA is 0.04 ng/ml. In September it was 0.05 ng/ml and prior to that it had been undetectable for four years.

So what does this all mean? Hell if I know. I’ll learn more from my urologist on 15 December. In the interim, here’s my take on it.

The PSA level is still well below the biochemical recurrence level of 0.2 ng/ml, so no need to panic.

I’m glad to see that it didn’t increase beyond 0.05 ng/ml. That means it’s consistent for now (why quibble over one one-hundredth of a nanogram) and perhaps the change in lab methodology to the ultra-sensitive PSA test is, in fact, what’s driving the elevated readings.

On the other hand, that may not make sense. The less sensitive PSA test (accurate to 0.03 ng/ml) would have been able to detect the 0.05 or 0.04 readings if my PSA was elevated prior to the conversion to the uPSA test. That tells me that my PSA has risen slightly in the last year.

I have to admit that I hoped for better news but am glad it’s not worse news. As I predicted a while back, I suspect we’ll continue to monitor my PSA on a more frequent basis (quarterly?) going forward for years to come.

I’ll share the urologist’s thoughts after the appointment on the 15th. Thanks for your kind thoughts and support along the way.

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