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  1. cdcfbw

    Have you been doing any exercises to counter the fatigue? I did some small weightlifting and sit ups to counteract the weight gain from Lupron and I think it helped with the radiation fatigue. Hang in there, almost over!


  2. You’re almost done, Dan. Hang in there!

    When I was undergoing radiation I had this odd “burst” of energy following getting zapped, so I tried to run all my errands before the inevitable crash that would ensue. It took a few weeks to fully recover.

    Take care!


    1. Thanks, Scott. I’m pretty much the opposite. I’m dead tired shortly after the session and regain my second wind in the late afternoon / early evening. I have forced myself to get out and about (IB two weeks ago and Cabrillo NM on Saturday), and I find my energy level is boosted for the first hour or so. But then the fatigue comes on hard and comes on fast, and I have to call it a day. Glad to hear that it’s only a few weeks to start to see it fade.


    1. Thanks, Gary! That’s good to know. I asked the nurses this morning, and they gave a little longer time line, but as long as it improves, I’ll be happy.


  3. Your doing very well! Helping many with your blog too ! I had the operation about 1.5 years ago. PSA has creeped up from .069 to what is now 1.5 years later to PSA 0.12 . My Urologist is surprised as the operation went well for a 3+4 smallish session in the Prostate . Really stressed . Next month they say I will go into Hops for Imaging in Victoria , then 20 sessions of EBR . The Radiation Oncology Dr said that due to my age 58 , and the minor nature and rise and overall file , no Chemo or ADT is needed . Is this normal? I thought ADT was mandatory now? The Dr said that IF PSA ever started to rise again we could re-radiate , then apply ADT at that time …. but for this time – NOT needed . Any comments on this ? Thanks for your help guys ….


    1. Hey James,

      One thing I’ve learned in 12 years of dealing with prostate cancer is that there are as many differing opinions on treatment options as there are doctors. It can be frustrating, to say the least.

      From my own research, it does appear that doing concurrent ADT with salvage radiation is becoming the more accepted norm. Is it accepted by everyone? Nope.

      My radiation oncologist (RO) and I went back and forth on the topic. He would have been very comfortable zapping me with or without ADT.

      Given that my PSA going into this was three times what yours is, and the fact that my PSA doubling time was accelerating, I opted to have the ADT. Collectively, we thought that having the ADT beat up the cancer cells before the SRT came in to kill them off was the best approach.

      I’m not a doctor and I’m not offering medical advice, but given where you’re at and the discussions I’ve had with my own RO, I would say that your RO’s approach is a reasonable one. I’m guessing he’s just trying to avoid you having to experience the side effects with ADT for what may be a marginal improvement in the outcome.

      I’d encourage you to first express your concerns to him if you haven’t already and, second, get a second opinion from another RO or even to bounce it off your urologist and see what they think.

      The other thing that I’ve learned in 12 years of dealing with this is that we, the patients, have much more control over our treatment than we initially thought. In the end, it is OUR decision.

      Not sure if that helps. Good luck!


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