Watch “The Pros and Cons of Proton Therapy | Mark Scholz, MD | PCRI” on YouTube

For those exploring radiation therapy options, here’s an informative video about proton therapy.

6 thoughts on “Watch “The Pros and Cons of Proton Therapy | Mark Scholz, MD | PCRI” on YouTube

    1. Hi E.

      I’m not up to speed on proton therapy as I could/should be, so it’s difficult for me to make a direct comparison. I believe that the processes are very similar with fractional doses delivered over a period of time in very similar ways. That’s something that you’ll have to check out. For me, it’s water over the dam at this point.



    1. Hi Peter,

      The fatigue has really been kicking my ass this week—the doctor said that was to be expected in the final stretch. Even with the Flomax, I’m still running to the toilet 4-6 times every night, and that sucks. But I did meet with the doctor this morning, and he said that these side effects will linger for about 2 weeks, slowly getting better, and after the 2 weeks, there will be a substantial improvement. I hope he’s right. One more session to go!



  1. Charles McGill

    Thanks for sharing what I found to be a very good quality video explaining Proton Therapy in detail and explaining the differences between it and photon therapy. It is interesting that no properly randomised trials have been done comparing photon therapy with proton therapy. The only people who would be likely to fund such a piece of research would be manufacturers of proton beam and photon beam equipment and they might not want to know the answer to that question. Claims for superiority of one method over the other has therefore not been proven but Mark Scholz in the video seems to be confident from empirical evidence that both are similarly effective and that the real difference in results are likely to be down to the different stage and aggressiveness of the cancer. Again we see that all the variety in Prostate Cancer exists. I remember a quote from one MD that if there are 8 men in the waiting room of a consultant specialising in Prostate Cancer there will be 8 different prostate cancer situations or varieties. It’s an important message not to try to draw too many conclusions based on other peoples experiences.


    1. Thanks, Charles. Your assessment across the board is spot on. After nearly 12 years of dealing with this disease, I’ve learned that very little in its diagnosis and treatment is black-and-white and that no two cases are alike.

      On an unrelated note, if you’re up for it, I may want to pick your brain about planning my first visit to your fair country. New Zealand has been on my bucket list for a while and, if I have minimal or tolerable side effects that will allow me to endure a 14-hour flight, I’m thinking of heading down there at the end of your summer/early autumn (March-May) with photography being the main focus of my trip. Again, if you’re up for it, any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and you can send them privately using the contact form on my blog if you prefer. Thanks!



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