Day 3,968 – Logjam Broken?

The administrative logjam between VA Medical Center San Diego and UCLA may have been broken this morning.

Yesterday, I called UCLA to see if they could access my health record through the Veterans Health Information Exchange, and the short answer was “no.” While I had them on the phone, I asked if they would accept printouts of my medical records from me and, again, the short answer was “no.” They had to come from the doctor’s office. Ugh.

Not being one to always listen to what I’m told, I went ahead and sent my demographics and insurance information to UCLA on my own. I also hopped onto the VA website and submitted my official Request for Authorization to Release Health Information form so they could send my medical records to UCLA.

Within about an hour and a half of submitting the request, I had a call from the woman processing it. She had a couple of questions that I answered. “Great. I’ll fax this to them right now.” That was not the response I was expecting. I thought the VA would take 3-5 business days to pull the records and send them.

When I spoke with UCLA on Monday, they did mention how slammed they are with requests for PSMA PET scans, and that it may take a few days to process the paperwork on their end once it was received. I’ll give a call on Thursday or Friday to follow up and see if they have everything they need. With luck, they will and we’ll be able to get the scan on the calendar.

The scheduler said they were currently scheduling for late November right now.

Fingers crossed that everything will be in order and I’ll be able to get a scan on the calendar.

More to come…

Be well!

3 thoughts on “Day 3,968 – Logjam Broken?

  1. Charles McGill

    Persistence pays off Dan! Let’s face it the prostate cancer patient has the greatest interest in their own treatments. The most to gain, the most to lose. I have my PSMA PET scan scheduled for October 13 in Windsor in England (current PSA 4.5). Here’s hoping for the best outcomes from our respective scans Dan. I wish you good luck.


  2. Lori

    Boy, what a run around your getting! I’m sorry you have to jump through so many hoops…and your so on top of things on your end! Must be so frustrating!!! Especially hearing November!!!!


  3. Charles Ford

    Well maybe this is yet another obstacle that you’ve overcome. Sure hope you get to the point where you can say “ok, this is what I’m going to do” and be confident in your decision. Good luck and may you have the best outcome possible!


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