Day 3,976 – Success!!!

After some additional administrative shenanigans late last week, I was finally able to confirm that UCLA had everything they needed, and we scheduled the PSMA PET scan for 30 November 2021. It’s a bit further out than I would have liked, but it is what it is.

They still need to get pre-approval from my insurance company, and they were quick to remind me that it’s $3,300 out-of-pocket if the insurance doesn’t approve it. “You can pay by credit card,” and she rattled off the list of cards that they didn’t accept.

At least it’s on the calendar for now.

It will be interesting because I go for my next PSA test the first week of November with the appointment with the urologist on 9 November. Having a fresh PSA number going into the scan may be helpful, or not.

There are some guidelines to follow in advance of the scan:

  • Fast for 6 hours in advance of the scan; only drink water.
  • No vigorous exercise 24 hours in advance.
  • Okay to take any medicine, but only with water.
  • I need to have a “Basic Metabolic Panel” done within 8 weeks of the scheduled date, and I must bring a printed copy of the results to the scan. The scan will not be done if I don’t have them.

I’ve already got my hotel reservation for the scan, as getting to UCLA from San Diego on the same day would be tricky given the uncertainty of traffic.

So that’s that. Finally. 😌

I’ll worry about what the scan results will show later.

Be well!

4 thoughts on “Day 3,976 – Success!!!

  1. Charles R Ford

    Now you can rest (and start to think about what the test will show, that’s what I would do) Keep a good attitude and what ever the results are is just that, what they are and you will deal with it. You already have just about everything figured out as to what treatment you would prefer so what ever happens is meant to be. RELAX
    …you got this!!


  2. Leslie & Yvonne Sherman

    This is good news. I just had to let you know that I just woke up from a very long dream which ended in your office where you were looking better than ever and you said you were completely well and cancer free. I’m praying that is going to be the case.


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