Day 3,505 – Change in PSA Test Plan

My work schedule forced a little change in plan for getting my PSA test done. I was planning on going first thing tomorrow morning, but a 9:00 a.m. scheduled meeting was a little too close for comfort, and I wasn’t sure that I could make it back to the office in time, so I left work a little early to have the blood drawn.

The clinic did do a COVID-19 screening of me before I could even enter the building, including taking my temperature. Surprisingly, there was no one in line for the lab, so I was in and out in under 10 minutes. I may make going later in the afternoon my new routine going forward. In the mornings, everyone wants to be the first one there, so you can wait for about an hour to get the test done.

If COVID isn’t affecting lab processing and reporting times, I should be able to access my results online after 10 p.m. PST Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Day 3,505 – Change in PSA Test Plan

  1. Rick

    Have read testing in the morning is best,,,,but more importantly doing it at the same time of day all the time is even better.


    1. Hi Rick. Thanks for your comment.

      It’s interesting… In almost ten years of dealing with this, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that time of day for the PSA blood draw might have an influence on the results. I certainly know about consistency of using the same lab–I’ve been doing that for 8 years. I’ve also heard about not ejaculating within at least 48 hours of the test (I wait a week).

      If you have a source or link to that article, I’d be interested in seeing it.



      1. Rick

        Hi Dan,
        Read about the time of day on the PSA a long time ago. Don’t remember, sorry.
        Just would think the PSA would be lowest in the morning before any activity of any kind.
        FYI I was in a jacuzzi an hour before bloodwork and it made a spike higher. I’m confident the jacuzzi effected the PSA, went down next bloodwork.
        My Dr. says no bike riding or sex before, for up to a week. Bike riding debatable, could be less waiting.
        With that said I have heard 48 hours would be sufficient.
        Again with all that said I would think time of day is most important to keep consistent on your blood draw.
        Blessings to you.


    1. Thanks, Jim. I’m not so sure “calm” is the right word… Perhaps after nearly 10 years of playing this game, “numb” is more appropriate. 🙂


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