Day 2,821 – PSA Test Time

It’s that time again. I had my blood drawn this morning and I suspect I’ll have the results online late Friday night.

My last PSA in April was 0.11 ng/ml and my handy-dandy spreadsheet predicts that this PSA will come in around 0.124 ng/ml. We’ll see…

If it does, that will add a little more pressure to make the “zap or not to zap” decision.

Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Day 2,821 – PSA Test Time

  1. Ken G

    Dan, good luck on the result.
    I too had my blood draw, yesterday, and should have results in the next day or two. i’m also charting the rise, and its been remarkably consistent so far. If the rise holds my result will be .072-.074. I am inclined to pull the trigger if it holds OR goes higher. But without hormone therapy.

    This is a tough game. I hope you (and i) get a nice downside surprise.


    1. Hi Ken. Thanks, and good luck to you on your results as well.

      I’m going to send you a copy of a recent paper out of Australia and New Zealand on this topic that may be of interest to you. I don’t know that it shed any light and, given that it’s recommendations are based more on “expert opinions” than actual data, it certainly has to be viewed with a critical eye.

      I’ll post the results as soon as I get them.



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