Day 1,977 – PSA Results

Crap!!! (I used another four-letter word, but I would like to maintain a sense of decorum about this blog).

That little cancer cloud hanging over my head let loose a giant thunderbolt this week.

My PSA came back at 0.08 ng/ml, double what it was in December (0.04 ng/ml) and more than it was in September (0.05 ng/ml).

Did I say, “Crap!!!” ???

Even though it’s still below of the widely accepted 0.2 ng/ml definition of biochemical recurrence, I better start researching salvage treatments for recurrence because doubling in four months is not a desirable PSA velocity, at least in my pea-sized brain.

Did I say, “Crap!!!” ???

My appointment with the urologist is on 19 April, so I’ll have time to get prepared with tons of questions.


PSA Trend


9 thoughts on “Day 1,977 – PSA Results

  1. Think positive Dan, it’s only 3 months since my surgery and in the last 3 weeks mine has gone from 0.09 to 0.11 to 0.12 and now 0.16 two days ago….. “did I say crap!” ?


  2. My urologist told me that spikes in one’s PSA are normal and nothing to necessarily worry about. Here’s hoping this just one of those random spikes.


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