Day 1,844 – Unfazed & Unshaven

I’ve been surprised by how unfazed I’ve been over my upcoming PSA test next week, the one that will confirm whether or not my post-surgery PSA is actually rising.

I’ve not let it get the better of me in my day-to-day life, which has been remarkably pleasant. That doesn’t mean that I’m not concerned about the results, though. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. No sense in spending a ton of energy worrying about the unknown.

I plan on having my blood drawn on Wednesday, but a potential hiccup at the clinic may alter that. The clinic is actually relocating down the block to a larger facility, and the move is supposed to be completed by Monday. With the luck, there won’t be any delay and the lab will be up and running to allow me to take the test as scheduled.

When this rising PSA fiasco began in September, I had the blood drawn on a Wednesday and saw my results online on Saturday. I’m assuming a similar timeline for this go around. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh. Come Tuesday, I’ll be delighted to lose my Movember beard and mustache. Good to highlight awareness, but they’re driving me nuts and it’s time for them to go. (Besides, given its almost pure white color, I don’t want to be confused with a jolly ol’ elf that will be making his rounds in four weeks!)

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