Month 49 – Dating After Prostatectomy?

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas isn’t that far off.  The holidays are upon us.

Normally, I’d travel to see my sister and her family back in Chicago for the holidays, but this year, my new job has me working over Christmas and New Year’s, so I’ll be staying put.  Alone.

Sure, I’ll spend time with old and new friends, but it’s still not quite the same as being with family.  That brings me to this month’s topic.

I was single when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I’m still single now.  While I would like to be in a relationship–to create my own family–I keep getting hung up on the, “Who would want to date a guy who has difficulty getting it up and can’t ejaculate” thought.  Because of that, I haven’t bothered to jump into the dating pool.

Sure, sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but it does count for something in most.

The other confusing thing to me is when in the dating process to tell a potential partner that all the bells and whistles in the sex department don’t work as they should.  Early?  Late?  After you jump into bed?  “Surprise!”  I don’t know.  (Feel free to post any thoughts in the comments section or send me an email through the Contact Me page!)

I guess perhaps the best thing to do is just throw myself into the pool and see what happens.  I may not need to say anything until I see that things are moving in the right direction but before they get too serious.

–     –     –

On the physiology front, I’ve had a couple of days since my last post where my body apparently got pretty tired and it didn’t take much to set off my stress incontinence–even just standing up from a chair.  That was a bit disconcerting, but I really think my body was just telling me I needed some more rest.

I’ll be going for my next PSA test the first week of January, and should get the results by the 13 January.  (I may delay next month’s post a couple of days to get them.)  This will be 8 months from my last PSA, so hopefully all is well.

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