Life After Radical Prostatectomy: 48 Months Later

So it’s been four years since my radical prostatectomy.  How am I doing?


PSA remains undetectable.


No real change.  Stress incontinence remains a minor issue for me–sneezing or coughing are the worst, especially if I’m standing.  If I’m seated, it’s less of an issue.  The vast majority of days for me are “dry” days, but there’s an occasional day where I guess my body is tired and I’m a little more prone to issues.  Interestingly, my urologist discussed having some sort of “sling” surgically installed, and gave me a DVD to watch about the procedure and its benefits.  He was quick to offer it up as an option, so I have to wonder if it’s just a push to get some more cash in his account.  I’ll take a look at it, but I doubt it will be for me.  Certainly, much research will be needed if I find it of interest.

Sexual Function

Remember that they took one of my nerve bundles, but I have to admit that I’m pleased with my progress without the use of a pill, slow as it has been.

I can achieve about an 80% to 90% erection under my own power most of the time.  Some days it’s easier to achieve a full erection and others, I don’t every quite get there.

Orgasms for me are pretty much the same as they were pre-surgery, although perhaps just a tad shorter in duration and less intense.


Overall, I’m pleased with where I’m at–cancer-free and pretty much back to normal functioning with minimal inconveniences.

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