Four Years Since Diagnosis

It’s been four years since sitting in my urologist’s office and hearing those life-changing words: “You have cancer.”

It’s been quite the journey, and this blog has helped me get through it.  Sometimes, I think that I should stop blogging and close that chapter of my life, but that chapter will never be closed.  I don’t obsess about having had cancer, but I don’t shy away from the topic either.  Increasing education and awareness is important, and I’ve been on a quixotic mission to do just that, one reader at a time.

Obviously, I’ve decided to continue blogging, otherwise I wouldn’t have moved my blog here to its new home.  I hope you find it to be a little easier to read and navigate than the original on BlogSpot.

On an unrelated topic, today is Veterans Day, so I wanted to pause to thank all of my fellow veterans and their families for their service and sacrifices.  And for those who celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you a happy time with family and friends.

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