Month 28 – Surprises

So this month I had two surprises related to my surgery and its outcome…

The first came in the mail.

Remember that my surgery was on 4 January 2011…  This week I received a bill for the anesthesiologist, which I thought was odd.  I dug through my financial records and found that I paid them back in March of 2011, so I called my insurance provider to see if they had any insight.

It appears that I had more than one person assisting and this was the bill for the second person (that apparently had gotten mired up in some administrative red tape).  I also called the anesthesiologist’s office, and they’re digging into what happened, too.

Lesson learned:  Keep good records of all your health insurance transactions and be ready to question anything.

The second surprise…  Well, it requires my standard “Biology Ahead” warning:

With only one nerve bundle remaining, my return to full sexual function has been slow. Still, it’s been steadily getting better over the last two years.

This week, I achieved what I would consider to be a full erection good enough for penetrative sex. And that was without any chemical assistance–no Cialis or Viagara!

Once does not a trend make, but it was encouraging to see that the progress continues. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

So that’s about it for this update. Best of luck to one of my readers as he nears his treatment option decision point. I’m sure he’ll select what’s best for him and his circumstances after doing his research.

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