Week 27 – Windy City

Yes, I’ve been on the road yet again.  This time, it was back to Chicago for my oldest nephew’s wedding on Sunday.

It was a very nice, small affair in an intimate chapel followed by dinner and one of their favorite restaurants.  The wacky Chicago spring weather could have cooperated a bit more.  Overcast, windy, cold (40-degrees) and rain before the ceremony.  Just overcast, windy, and cold after the ceremony.

Of course, with the wedding on Sunday, that meant that I just had to take another vacation day on Monday.

After having lunch with my sister, I took the scenic route back, stopping in the town of Warsaw, Indiana to check out a lakefront home of one of the relatives.  Very nice.  I contacted a friend in nearby Ft. Wayne to see if she might be available for dinner, but she was already booked.  (That’s one of the problems with spur-of-the-moment ideas–not everything works out.)

Work has been busy as we’re preparing the FY 2012 budget plan.  That meant another couple of days buried in my mega-spreadsheet.  (With more to come.)


The incontinence continues to improve to the point where I’ve not worn a pad since the wedding on Sunday (and that was for insurance purposes).  No incidents at home or work, so that’s good.  Still, I find myself running to the bathroom more frequently just to drain my bladder and make sure that there’s only minimal “ammunition” available for a leak should one occur.  Given a bit more time, the confidence level will go up.

So that’s it for this week.

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