Week 26 – Oops!!

Oops. I forgot to post an update last night. Not to worry. All is well.
I was, in fact, just returning from another trip. This time it was for work, visiting a supplier in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. It was a good conference that even included a trip to PNC Park to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team get defeated by the Los Angeles Dodgers on a perfect weather spring night. The last time I had been to a professional baseball game was in 1977 when I was in Seattle on a training cruise. We saw the Mariners play in the King Dome.
Now that the weather has gotten better (far less rain), I’ve started walking the mile home for lunch. It gets me out from behind the computer for 20 minutes each way, and will hopefully begin to pay off in being just a little bit more fit.
Today, the 13th, is the 15th anniversary of my joining my current employer. My boss put together a great little ceremony this morning to mark the occasion. It was very much in the format of “This Is Your Life.” I was afraid of what was going to pop up next on the screen.
As far as the incontinence is concerned, it’s finally turning the corner.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, I went without wearing any pads and did quite well. I had a minor incident where I was in a garden filled with blooming flowers and my allergies kicked in. I sneezed and leaked. Tuesday evening, however, things deteriorated a little and I was back wearing a pad. I guess my body was just tired.
Wednesday and Thursday at the conference I wore pads more for insurance than anything else. I think I could have gotten away without. (Except Wednesday night when a few of us went to a bar after the game. After midnight, my body was getting tired and I’m glad I was wearing the pad. Throw in a couple of beers, and that was even more reason to wear one.)
Today I’ve spent the day without one and have done fine so far.
I’ll have to admit that I’m a bit more cautious in how I move without a pad in place than I am when I am wearing one. Having a pad can act a bit like a crutch. It makes me a little less apt to try and control my pelvic floor muscles consciously.
So I’m really pleased that things continue to improve.

One thought on “Week 26 – Oops!!

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Dan-o Just getting back after battling a virus and then just throwing the damn box away. Thanks for the card from your travels. One of these days I'm busting out. Uncle Don has moved home with me. I should start a Blog. Maybe I will. any tips?
    Glad to see you are doing well. Thinking u may be in Chicago for Nate. Hope it wasn't outdoors. We are enduring one of the worst weekends in a long time. Constant rain. I should lower my voice what with all that everyone has been going through this spring. Here's hoping we have a summer.
    Cheers, Steveloe


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