Week 19 – Almost Forgot!

Dang.  I almost forgot to post something this week!  Sheesh.

So the head cold that I told you about last week kicked in full-force.  I missed work on Friday and spend the entire day in bed.  Saturday and half of Sunday, too.  I’ve had worse, but I’ll have to admit that the post-surgery side effects made this one a little different.  Nearly everytime I coughed, sneezed, or blew my nose, I had an equal but opposite reaction at the other end.  Not fun.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday weren’t too bad at work.  Each day was a little better.  I think letting my body have all that rest over the weekend was a good thing–it put the cold behind me for the most part.

The weather here had been great up until yesterday–a balmy 74 degrees.  Then the storm came through and it was 32 and snowing this morning on the way to work.  Ugh. March in Indiana.  It’s supposed to stay cold through the weekend.

I did talk to another prostate cancer survivor at work yesterday, and we compared notes.  He went through the full-blown slice you from your navel to the pelvic bone surgery 5 years ago.  He reminded me to keep doing my Kegel exercises and to be patient.  He still does his every day 5 years later.  It will get better.  I sure hope so.  He also reminded me that it beats the alternative.

He also told me that he hadn’t been to the doctor “in 20 years” prior to a free wellness screening offered at work.  That’s how they discovered his cancer–an elevated PSA test.  His family physician had him wait a couple of months and retested, and the PSA was higher and that caused them to do the biopsy that confirmed the cancer.  He said had it not been for the wellness screening, he wouldn’t be around to have this conversation.

So guys reading this: Once again, get tested!  Especially if it’s been a year or two or twenty.

Have I made the leap on a new car yet?  Nope.  The head cold kind of put that on the back burner.

So that’s about it from here.  I think if the weather’s going to be as bad as they say it is this weekend, I feel a date with the IRS and Indiana Dept. of Revenue is in the works.  I need to finish and file taxes.

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