Week 18 – Everyone’s Irish Today!

So I’m writing this on Wednesday night because it’s supposed to be 70 degrees here for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow.  I have a funny feeling that I may not be available to put this together tomorrow night.  Something was said about green beer after work tomorrow…  (Where’s that catheter and two liter drainage bag when you really need it?!?)

It must have been a pretty boring week, because I’m struggling to come up with anything of interest.  Oh.  I continued to kick tires on new vehicles. 

When I dropped off the car that I was allowed to take home on Thursday night, I asked if I could take a different model home on Friday night.  “No problem.”  Off I went, in another new vehicle on just a handshake.

Have I made a commitment yet?  Nope.  Not yet.  The salesman worked up a price on the second car (much more of a joy to drive), but we’re going to have to put some negotiating skills to use before signing on any dotted lines.  Plus, selecting the right options is akin to selecting a surgeon.  (Yes, only I can make a decision that painful!)

*     *     *

Both at work and at home, I’ve been playing with a lot of data and computer files this week.  I’m overhauling a massive spreadsheet that I use at work to accommodate a new reporting format, and I’ve probably got 25 hours invested in updating it, and I’m still only about halfway through it.  Fun. 

*     *     *


About 48 hours ago, I noticed that I was getting a little bit of a sore throat, and it’s continued to intensify since Monday night.  Luckily, there’s no serious coughing or congestion with it.  If there was, I’d be in trouble.  Every time I cough, I leak.  Every time I blow my nose, I leak.  (You’ve seen my nose.  It takes considerable force to clear that puppy!)

There has been a good side to the sore throat.  I’ve taken NyQuil the last two nights, and I’ve slept from about 10:30 PM to 6:30 AM without interruption!  And without incident!  That makes me hopeful that I’ll get back to a more normal sleep pattern eventually.  And, no, I won’t turn into a NyQuil junkie–I value my liver too much.

Otherwise, I’m doing fine and more than ready for Spring to finally arrive.

So that’s it on this St. Patrick’s Day Eve. Enjoy!

One thought on “Week 18 – Everyone’s Irish Today!

  1. Anonymous

    BUY THE CAR, DAN. Drive on out to the desert where the flowers
    are blooming. Just paid for a new blue agave cactus to replace one
    the beetles ate…… you know the kind of agave that tequilla (sp) is made from. Have a great weekend driving around in another car. ngh


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