Day 97 – Groovin’

Back in the groove.  Just about.

It was a good day at work today, getting back into the swing of things.  Fortunately, I had only one meeting today and having the extra time to get caught up and kick off a new project was good. 

*    *    *

I haven’t had a temperature above normal since 10 PM Sunday night, so that’s a good sign.  Perhaps I had a bit of a bug; lots of people say there’s one going around.

The discomfort in my groin is still there, though, but it is decreasing.  I’m beginning to think that perhaps all the new activity was the cause of some of it.  But I still won’t rule out fluid build-up quite yet.

Interestingly, I didn’t hear from the doctor today, which makes me wonder if he got my note from Sunday night.  I’ll call tomorrow just to let him know what’s been going on (and to see if his staff delivered the message).

*     *     *

Hard to believe it was six weeks ago tonight that I was coming out of surgery recovery asking for a ribeye steak.

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