Day 98 – Warm

Warm.  But not from a fever.  From the wonderful 65 degree weather here!  Time to open some windows.

*     *     *

Again, no fever through the day, so that’s reassuring that things are getting back to normal.  Also reassuring was the fact that the discomfort in my groin continues to decrease. 

I find that there’s a little more spring in my step as I walk (I still can’t walk at my normal “supervisor sprint” pace that I’m used to), and that standing up from a seated position is getting easier.  I’m also having fewer incontinence episodes when I stand (still requires deliberate effort to make that happen, but it’s happening!).

So it’s time to get away from the keyboard, open some windows, and perhaps even enjoy a bit of the evening outside before the sun sets.  Ciao!

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