Day 96 – Survived

Apparently I was really anxious to go to work today, because for some reason I woke up around 4 AM and couldn’t fall back asleep.

I made it to my office on time and got settled in after not having seen it since 23 December.  It actually was a pretty productive day–along with some of the “Good to see you back at work!” socializing that went on.

I did last the entire day, which was a good thing.  Although, I’ll have to admit that I’m a bit zonked from the early wake-up time and from just being up and about.

*    *     *

As far as the fever is concerned, my temperature has been at or below normal since 10 PM last night.  That’s good, too.

The discomfort in my groin was less today than it was yesterday, and that’s another good thing.  By the end of the day, though, I could tell that it was beginning to come back.  But this discomfort is a little different than yesterday’s.  It’s more in the area of the drain holes, and I’m wondering if all the walking that I did through the building is what’s caused the increase. 

It seems pretty mild when I’m sitting, but when I walk I can feel it more.  And when I walk, my speed is limited because the faster I go, the more discomfort there is.  I suspect that my muscles just aren’t used to the activity.  Walking through my house is not nearly the same as walking through our facility.

So I’ll continue to keep an eye on things and document changes as they occur.

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