Day 79 – Analysis

Another quiet day around the house, which is a good thing.

The drains continue to do their jobs, and the flow from each is steadily decreasing (just look at the trendlines on my charts to be sure).  Hopefully, when I fax the charts to the surgeon on Sunday night, he’ll see them first thing Monday morning and call me to bring me in to have them removed on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  (It took me about an hour to configure my computer to fax documents yesterday.)

While I was in updating my drainage flow chart, I thought I’d create another one to see how long I can go between voiding my bladder.  I’d like to see that number go up over the next week so that I can be more effective when I return to work.  That means I’m trying to hold things a little longer without jeopardizing a major accident.

One other silly exercise that I’m doing is that when I do get the urge to run to the bathroom, I’m making several laps around the house to simulate the distance between my office and the men’s room at work.  I want to make sure that I can make the distance without having an accident if I get a sudden urge.  So far, only a couple of minor leaks as I walked.

I’m remaining religious about taking my antibiotics and they, along with the drains, are doing the trick.  My temperature has remained normal since gettng out of the hospital.

Now that I’ve worked my way through a lot of the food that was brought over, I’m beginning to get back into a more regular and new pattern of eating.  One that includes much more fresh fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, less red meat, and less animal fat. 

I only want to go through this cancer crap once, and if improving my diet helps prevent something like colon cancer (closely related to prostate cancer), then I’m going to make the change.

Does that mean that I’m forgoing the Pollo Loco at Acapulco’s for ever and ever?  No.  I just want to be more sensible as I go forward.

So that’s it for this cold, overcast Friday.

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