Day 80 – Mishaps

For a while today, I thought I was back in the hospital with the number of incontinence mishaps that I’ve had between last night and today.

Shortly after midnight, I made a run for the bathroom and didn’t quite make it.  I’m not sure what happened to my guard, either.  It must have shifted because it didn’t catch much of the urine that escaped.  Another mess to clean up.

During the day today, I’ve had two other minor mishaps, but significant enough to warrant a new pair of underwear in each case.  Must be a full moon or something.  I thought about returning to the full-blown Depends diapers, but put that idea on hold for now.  Maybe tonight when I go to bed.

The exit points for the drains are becoming increasingly sensitive.  There just is no good way to route the hoses, so I have to bring them up out the waistband of my underwear, and each time I have to pee, I have to very carefully and gently rearrange things while making sure that I’m not tugging on the drain excessively.  I really hope that they can come out on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Speaking of drains, I noticed that the tube feeding the right bag was filled with fluid, but there was virtually nothing in the bag.  I did a quick little troubleshooting and repair (using tools drown in alcohol), and now the flow has been reestablished.

With all the runs to the bathroom last night, I’ll have to admit that I didn’t sleep all that well and took a little nap this afternoon.  After that, I began working on my taxes.  Fun.

So that’s it for this Saturday.

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