Day 78 – Organizing

There really isn’t much to report today.  I spent a good portion of the day just organizing things around the house–clearing all the post-surgery stuff from the bathroom; filing medical bills and statements; taking the trash out (for the first time in three weeks!); running a load of laundry.

After having a good incontinence day yesterday, I shed the full-blown Depends and opted for the guards in the underwear today.  No problems so far; just the occasional stress incontinence.

I shared (in spreadsheet chart format, of course) my drainage numbers with the surgeon today.  He was pleased that they’re moving in the right direction, but wants to keep the drains in through the weekend and to call him Monday morning. 

That’s okay, I guess. They’re more a nuisance than anything else, but if they help get all that bad “juice” out of me–along with the antibiotics–I can tolerate them for three or four more days.

He asked how the incontinence was going and when I told him that I was in underwear with guards, he was pretty amazed given that the catheter came out two weeks ago tomorrow.  He was very pleased with that, so that’s a reassuring sign.

So that’s about it.  The last of my W-2’s arrived in the mail today, so maybe I’ll begin working on my taxes while I’m still sporting the drains this weekend.

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