Day 47 – Quiet

One of the gifts that I received for Christmas (by request) was a new, big, fluffy bathrobe for use in the hospital and around the house afterwards. Of course, I had to take it for a rigorous test spin when I got out of bed this morning. I wore it all day. All freakin’ day. 🙂 It works great!
That meant today was a day of total relaxation. No calls. No lists. No organizing. No cleaning. Not even checking the mail. Just lounging around in my robe, getting caught up on reading some magazines, watching a little Food Network, and even taking a little cat nap in the middle of the day.
All good things must come to an end, however. When I went to get dressed to go to the market, I couldn’t find my wallet. Full panic ensued.
I tore apart my home office, bedroom, utility room, truck, both bathrooms, and even went through the trash and dirty laundry. It was nowhere to be found. I knew that I had it with me for the trip back from my sister’s yesterday—I took money out of it to pay the toll on the highway—so I knew it had to be here someplace.
Then I remembered… I had gone into the living room to make a phone call last night and forgot that I took it out of my pocket when I sat on the sofa. There it was on the coffee table. Crisis averted.
So now that I found it, I can head off to the market and restock for the week.
Tomorrow, I’ll get back into the preparation mode.

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