Day 46 – Home

As I was pulling out of the driveway Friday morning to drive to my sister’s house, I noticed an envelope leaning against the front door. I put the truck in park, hopped out, and grabbed it. It was a FedEx from Dr. Indy’s office. I tossed it on the passenger’s seat, put the truck in reverse, and forgot about it until I checked my mailbox when I returned home this evening. There was a brown envelope also from Dr. Indy’s office.
I’ve yet to look at either, and probably won’t until tomorrow.
Christmas with the family was fun, although I’ll have to admit there were a few moments where I really had to force myself not to go down the “woe is me” path. Watching a three-month old baby experience her first Christmas was a great way to get my mind on happier things. (Plus, it can be a hoot watching all the adults interact with the baby, too.)
In any case, I’m safely back home, putting all the gifts away, and mapping out what has to be done over the next week or so. I have a couple of pre-surgery appointments later in the week, and then I should be ready to go. In theory. The closer I get, I’m sure the anxiety level will increase.
For privacy reasons, I won’t post the exact details of the surgery here on the blog. I’ll send out an e-mail with that information later in the week.
Oh. And my apologies for my poor punctuation on my Christmas greetings (cleaned up since originally posted). I used my phone to do the posts and apparently there’s some compatibility issues with posting to the blog from a phone. (Hey, worrying about punctuation means I’m not worrying about cancer or surgery for a few seconds… )

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