Day 38 – Reading

Another good night’s sleep had me sleeping in until 9:00 AM this morning. Loved it. 🙂 And I didn’t wake up like I did yesterday, and that was good, too.
Once I did get motivated, I was off to the bank and barber shop to get my hair cut for the holidays. My barber is living with prostate cancer, but he’s 73 and has chosen the watchful waiting. Besides, I’m not sure he could stand another surgery. He’s had a kidney removed because he had kidney cancer; lung cancer; and a heart by-pass. It’s good to see that he’s survived all that and is still in business.
When I got home, I reorganized one of my closets after years of just putting more and more stuff into it. I may work on the dresser in the guest room tomorrow in anticipation of my sister staying with me for a while. She’ll need someplace to put her clothes.
And this evening was spent reading more in my new book for nearly four hours. I’m about halfway through it now and obviously took a break to update the blog.
So that’s about it for this Saturday evening…

One thought on “Day 38 – Reading

  1. Anonymous

    What a Saturday evening for all of us. A fantastic concert and the low brass was outstanding and it all happened in Surprise. Some sing-along
    and soloist with “O Holy Night” was superb….. really puts us in the spirit of the real meaning of Christmas. I thought of you often and hoped you
    were listening to some holiday music too. An early gift was phone call
    from Alaska….. not close to North Pole but I asked if Santa was getting
    ready. Wishing you good days ahead, safe trip to Chicago and home again. You are loved and in my prayers. More tomorrow


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