Day 39 – 20th Century

Okay. I know it’s really the 21st Century, but I finally joined the 20th Century this afternoon. “Huh?” you ask.
Well, you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks… I finally took a couple of my CD’s and ripped some songs from them in MP3 format to upload onto my phone. (Yes, I know… I’m the last guy on the planet to convert to pure digital music.)
Having some tunes available over the next few weeks will be a good distraction.
Speaking of distractions, you would think that I might have turned to television to take me away from my thinking about cancer. Interestingly, that’s not been the case at all. In fact, if I’ve watched more than four hours of television since Day 1, I’d be surprised (aside from listening to the news and weather as I’m getting ready in the mornings).
I took a break from reading “Surviving Prostate Cancer” today. While it’s been very educational, I can only take so much of it at once. I may read a few sections tonight before going to bed.
Tomorrow morning, I head to the urology center to learn how to control my bladder sphincter through biofeedback a session. In other words, I’m being potty trained again. 🙂 Hey, if it helps prevent me from peeing in my pants after the surgery, I’m all for it.
My refrigerator is in need of restocking to get me through the short week, so I need to run off to the grocery store. Plus, you would think that I was smart enough to throw a load of laundry in while I was ripping songs, but noooo… So when I get back, at least one load is going in the wash.
That’s my Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Day 39 – 20th Century

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Dan, I've learned from my sister S. at Munich about your cancer and your blog. Today I found it. There must be some good news with medical succes. I' a nephew in the USA who recvered well and a friend in Germany who passed through all those care and sorrows and is quite fine today.
    Best greetings from Bernd Holch


  2. Anonymous

    Dear Dan, I've learned from my sister S. at Munich about your blog and your cancer. Thanks to medical succes a friend at Bonn has gone through it with succes and is quite well today. Good luck.
    B. Holch


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