Day 26 – Life Experience

So another life experience is behind me. Colonoscopy #1: Check.
I’ll spare the details other than to say that MoviPrep tastes awful, despite their best efforts to put some citrus flavoring in it.
It kept me pretty well occupied from 6 PM to nearly 11 PM, and that concerned me because the morning dose was supposed to be taken 4 hours before the procedure. If I spent 5 hours with the effects of the first dose…. Well, the math just didn’t add up, so I added another hour just to be sure and was up at 4:30 AM taking my next dose by 5:00. That worked out perfectly.
I’ll have to admit that the biopsy experience taught me not to get worked up about this procedure. I was going to be out and not feel a thing.
I was hooked up to the IV for the anesthesia, rolled into the procedure room on one of our company’s stretchers, and juiced up. They told me that it would be “conscious sedation,” meaning that I may be able to see and hear what was going on. Nope. I was out like a light. Or, if I was conscious, I don’t have a clue that I was. Isn’t anesthesia wonderful?
The doctor came in after the procedure and complimented me on my cleansing job. Gee, thanks, Doc. He had no problems navigating through my colon, and was able to find one small polyp which he removed for biopsy.
Based on the size and nature of the polyp, he was pretty confident that it was benign. Of course, the pathology results should confirm that in another week or so. He even thought that it was the type of polyp that would allow me to come back in 7 years instead of 5 years.
A friend from work drove me home and I spent the afternoon sleeping off the anesthesia, but not before wolfing down a quick sandwich to put some food in my completely empty stomach. Hopefully the nap won’t cause me to be up all night long. I don’t think so because I’m still feeling a little groggy.
So time to throw dinner together.

2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Life Experience

  1. Anonymous

    Great news once again…… you are getting to be a good patient.
    Liked the stretcher you were blessed with. The desert is getting
    warmer again and Christmas is getting closer far too quickly. NH


  2. I look forward to every evening so that I have the opportunity to see how your day is, or has gone….Today's news was good to hear, so glad everything went well….

    Take care my friend, hope you sleep soundly tonight..


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