Day 25 – Starving

Okay, so this not eating any solid foods a full day in advance of the colonoscopy sucks. I’m starving!! (I know, I could afford to skip a meal or two, but this isn’t my idea of a fun Sunday.)
The colonoscopy is tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed that they don’t find anything out of the ordinary. I told the nurse when she called on Thursday that I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and to look extra closely. At least with this procedure, I’ll know pretty much right away whether the doctor found any polyps that had to be removed for testing (of course, if there are, I won’t know those results for a few more days. The ol’ waiting game.)
It’s been a snowy, quiet day around here. A good day to get caught up on laundry and some other odds and ends around the house.
Well, time to drink a liter of MoviPrep… Good thing I had a good night’s sleep last night. Who knows what’s in store for me tonight.

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