Day 27 – Routine

Today was a pretty routine day without much to report. There were no lasting side effects from yesterday’s fun event, which was good.
I’m not overly anxious about meeting the surgeon in 48 hours. I feel well-prepared and ready. Of course, that will likely change on Thursday.
You may recall that I spoke with a coworker who’s been through the surgery, and I asked him in an email last week how long he was off work after the operation. Three weeks. When I’ll be able to drive depends on how quickly I recover and when the catheter comes out. Of course, my sister will be here for the surgery and the days immediately after the surgery, and I’m guessing there will be some limit as to how long she can be away from her job.
That’s got me thinking ahead to the logistics of being stuck in the house for 2-3 weeks. I’ll have to stock the pantry and freezer much better than I do now, and I may have to take you up on your kind offers to run errands for me.
And that’s got me thinking about how to coordinate it all. I’d hate to have six people bring dinner over one night, and no one show up for the next seven nights. Do I post an online calendar for scheduling? Do I leave a sign up list at work? Is it any wonder that my doctor asked me if I’m slightly OCD after showing her my list of 37 questions for the surgeons? Probably not.
Don’t worry. I’m not losing sleep over the logistics. But if the doctor says on Thursday or Monday, “Let’s operate Tuesday,” I may go into full panic mode at that point. That’s pretty unlikely, I suspect.
Still, I’ll want to get as much of this organized before the surgery so I don’t have to worry about it after. Plus, it distributes the load among everyone who’s offered to help and allows them to plan their own schedules. The only unknown is what I’ll be able to do for myself—or when I’ll run out of bread—and when.
I’m sure you’ll see more on this topic as we get closer. And, no, I’m not OCD. Just my Boy Scout training coming through—Be prepared!

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