Day 4,308 – What a Difference

What a difference a day makes!

I don’t know whether it’s the adrenalin rush of having finished my radiation therapy still lingering, or it’s something else, but I’ve had more energy today than I’ve had in several weeks. And I’m not complaining!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still firing on about six cylinders at best, but it’s 5 p.m. and I’ve been up since about 7 a.m. and haven’t had the need for a nap or rest period yet today.

I have to wonder if it was subconscious stress that was doing me in the last few weeks of treatments. I would get overly obsessive about the bladder filling routine, and particularly frustrated if things didn’t go quite to plan—especially when I came up short and had to delay. I felt as though I wasn’t holding up my end of the bargain and that would add stress. (Just an uneducated arm-chair psychologist’s theory.)

Speaking of bladders, without the 1.5 to 2 liters of water I would be drinking every morning, my trips to the toilet have been far fewer today, and only three trips last night. That’s another positive sign.

I’m sure there may be setbacks, but let’s hope this trend continues. I’m so ready to get back into a more normal routine. Besides, the dust bunnies 🐇 in my house have turned into dust elephants 🐘 over the last few weeks because of my fatigue, and I need to go on a deep cleaning safari. That, or buy them some peanuts, say they’re my pets, and call it a day. 🤔

My day has been great. I hope yours has, too!

4 thoughts on “Day 4,308 – What a Difference

  1. cdcfbw

    I’m sure you do feel much better after putting that behind you. I remember ringing my bell after and going home and thinking, am I cured now? But only the PSA test will determine if we are cured or just in a waiting mode. I have been in NSOD since last July/2021 and hoping I stay that way. Now you just have to finish the ADT and really get to feeling better. Good luck.


    1. Thanks, Charles! Glad to hear that you’re doing as well as you are. It will be interesting to get that first PSA test and see where it’s at. I’m not going to put a ton of stock in it (or so I say now) because it will be relatively soon after all this is done. —Dan

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  2. James Jefferson

    I have been following your blog since I had my prostate removed in March 2021. Your recover at the hospital was identical to mine. No pain from incision, just unbearable gas pains for 3 days. Oxycodone every 4 hours until I got home on the 4th day and had a BM. What a relief, no more Oxy after that.
    Incontinence for 9.5 months until I got off the Depends Guards. When I first bought them I thought it said “for larger surgeries” but it was “for larger surges”, still the same to me. Kegel exercises finally worked, but I have found I need to keep working on them. Still get squirts when stressing activity. Guess I need to try to train my bladder more, but about 125 ML and I am ready to send it on its merry way. It seems I can drink 2 sips of liquid and pee a half a cup in 5 minutes. I do not know how my body can even get any use of it since it passes through so fast. Keep up the posts, I have enjoyed it.


    1. Thanks, James. I related so much to your comment about taking two sips.

      I would stop drinking anything around 7 p.m. to try and minimize the output through the night, but then I’d be running to the toilet 4, 5, or 6 times peeing out copious amounts each and every time. I’d wonder, “Where in the hell is all this coming from?!?” and then I’d be worried about being dehydrated for my morning zapping session. Ugh.

      My incontinence has slightly worsened with the radiation. The radiation oncologist said that that’s pretty common while everything is so irritated down there, and he expected it to improve as the irritation went away. I hope he’s correct.

      Thanks for sharing your story and following along!



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