Zapping is Done!

The final zapping session is history. Hallelujah!

It’s important to me to recognize the staff of the UCSD Health Radiation Oncology – Chula Vista clinic. They turned what was initially a scary experience (for me) into something that was much more pleasant and positive. They radiation therapists were great coaches, provided compassionate care, and endured my stupid puns and jokes. The nurses were equally compassionate, thoroughly answered all of my questions, and helped assuage my fears in the process. To all of them: Thank you!

I went out for a celebratory brunch with my friend who was there for the first session and listened to me whine throughout the process.

Now it’s time to let my body recover from seven weeks of being stuck in a giant microwave oven. Hopefully, it recovers quickly and I get back to a more normal routine. Of course, we may not know for another year whether it was truly effective. Fingers crossed.

The effects from the hormone therapy will cloud the results of the radiation for quite a while. The six month dose will last into October (and beyond) and, if my PSA has, in fact, dropped, we won’t know whether it’s the ADT or the radiation (or both) that caused it. Realistically, we probably won’t know whether the radiation was successful until late next spring or even summer.

Enjoy your weekend! I know I will.

18 thoughts on “Zapping is Done!

  1. Tammy Allen

    So thankful you have that part behind you. I cannot imagine the stress, uncertainties and all the things that go along with it that you have ahead of you. Know that I am plugging and praying for you. If it all can be successful on one, it will be you due to your positive outlook, willingness to share to help others who will be trailing this path behind you.
    Have a great weekend knowing you have reached a milestone along your journey,


  2. Dave

    Congratulations Dan! Your humor and determination has provided a welcome and rare positive view of our world. Cheers from sunny Palm Springs. — Dave


  3. khalaghoda

    Do you have a graduation certificate Dan or some memento!!!

    Down here in OZ we can select highly personalised licence plates for our cars, I was thinking I’d select “PSAOOO” in anticipation and to mark the success of the RP, HT, RT etc.

    Let’s know how the fatigue goes, well done I’ll look fwd to emulating your performance!

    Peter. Australia.


  4. Louise Milano

    Congratulations Dan, my husband and I are wishing you continued health and healing. You are very brave and sharing your journey has been very helpful for me and my husband.

    Sending prayers

    Louise and Ron Provenza Saratoga, NY My husband is being treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering



  5. Great work ! You are in my prayers my friend . I have EBR at Victoria Hospital ( Canada) Very soon- probably September. Your blog has prepared me somewhat. However at only .12 PSA , I thought it was too early to have EBR, but more and more Dr’s are saying ‘why wait to .5 PSA when you can tackle it at .1-.2 PSA . After my operation in March 2021 , it never did get to zero , I hovered around .069 PSA and it has slide up slowly since then to .12 . Have a great week ahead . Thanks for your blog !….you have helped so many people. ` James


  6. Charles McGill

    Hi Dan, thanks for taking us along on your radiation therapy experiences. I can relate to the relief you feel at finishing them. I only had 20 sessions and by the last few I was very glad to approach the end and elated when I did my last one too.


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