Zapping Session #7 – Canceled

This was interesting… About half an hour before my scheduled zapping time, I received a call saying that their Death Ray machine (my term, not theirs) was down and they needed to cancel today’s session. “We’ll just add it on at the end. See you Monday at your normal time.” Alrighty then…

That will take me to 31 August to wrap it all up, assuming there aren’t further hiccups.

6 thoughts on “Zapping Session #7 – Canceled

  1. cdcfbw

    Thank goodness they discovered the problem before someone (you!) got in and took a double dose or a mis-angled shot!


    1. Exactly! Actually, the day before they had popped open the ceiling tiles in the hallway near the Death Ray Machine, and the staff had us detour around the construction area. I’m a bit inclined to think that maybe that had something to do with it (new electrical work?) instead of a problem with the machine itself. I’ll ask on Monday.


    1. Hi Paul. Thanks! It’s the fear of the unknown that had me stressed at the start of this, but now that I’m a week into it, it’s becoming a matter of routine. Still not completely stress-free, but better.


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