Day 2,019 – It’s Official

May is the month of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes horse races, and you always have to wait a few moments before the unofficial results are declared official.

I just saw the doctor’s interpretation of my bone scan results online, and it’s official: No metastasis.

Now where’s my damned Garland of Roses?!?!?

Photo: Craiglduncan at English Wikipedia


11 thoughts on “Day 2,019 – It’s Official

  1. Great news for you Dan, 2nd June must be the day. I have commented before, biopsy 6th April showed 3+4=7 so after searching Dr Google came across your blog. Read for 3 hours and decided removal the way to go. Urologist didn’t do keyhole but had over 1400 to his credit. Booked in and removed on 2nd June. Had my first shower and breakfast today. Maybe get out on Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for taking the time to write you memoirs as they assisted me greatly.


      1. zaphodray

        Just a quick update regarding my progress. First visit with Urologist post op, he is very pleased with results. PSA 0.02 next test October 2016


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