Month 51 – Weight, Incontinence & New Screening

Last fall, I could feel my clothes getting a little tighter, but every time I stepped on the scale, it showed me right at my usual weight.  But when I went to the doctor and stepped on his scale, I was startled at what it read.  Bottom line: My scale was inaccurate and I had managed to creep up to my heaviest weight ever.  It was a real wake-up call.

I have to wonder if my weight was impacting my stress incontinence.  It seemed as though I was having more incidents of it than normal.  Sometimes, I simply attributed it to being tired, because I do know that when my body is tired, the incidence level goes up.

I’ve made a concerted effort to lose weight.  Since 1 December 2014, I’ve managed to lose 17.9 lbs (8 kg) and I feel much better and my stress incontinence has returned to what it was before.  I’m still well above my optimal weight, so I’ll keep at it to see if I can continue to lose weight and hopefully make improvements.

I know this is all anecdotal, but I’ll keep monitoring it and discuss it with my urologist during my next visit (which isn’t until September, so hopefully, I’ll have lost some more weight by then).

*     *     *

The Prostate Cancer Foundation recently reported the findings of a study that uses MRI technology in conjunction with biopsies and ultrasounds to be able to better distinguish between high-risk and low-risk prostate cancers.  This is exciting news.  If proven out, this could minimize overtreatment of patients with low-risk cancers, and allow those with high-risk cancer to be treated more aggressively.

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