Month 41 – Biological Update

We’re going to jump right in with this post…

My niece and her three and a half-year old daughter came to visit for their spring break, and we were able to get out and do a lot of fun things together. By the second day, my niece was chiding me about how many times I was going to the bathroom, and that got me to thinking, “Am I going more than usual?” Or was it just her perspective.

In retrospect, I probably was running to the bathroom a tad more frequently. Mainly because we were on the go, outside in cool air a good chunk of the time, and I never knew where the next bathroom might be, so I took advantage of using the ones nearby. (And, no, I’m not talking every 20 minutes. It was every couple of hours.)

As I explained to my niece, it’s more that I have the urge or sensation that I need to go, than I actually do. When I get to the bathroom, not much comes out. Fortunately, the urges aren’t the, “Oh my God, I need to find a bathroom in the next 30 seconds or I’m going to pee in my pants,” kind of urges. But they’re there and they’re telling my brain it’s time to go when my bladder really could last a bit longer. That can be frustrating.

And on the sexual function front, I’ve been quite pleased there. I’ve had much better erections (near 100%) in the last month–all without chemical assistance. Not bad for having only one nerve bundle. As I’ve said before, be patient; let nature do its thing.

So that’s it for this month. Quick and simple.

Late update: I’d encourage those recently diagnosed to read a comment left by another reader, J.R., on the “Life After Radical Prostatectomy – 36 Months Later” page.  It’s an interesting perspective, and I tend to agree with him.  Losing sexual function is more difficult to adjust to than many people, including myself, thought it would be.

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