Month 16 – Nothing to Report

Okay, so I’m a day late posting this.  Sundays are supposed to be days of rest, right?  (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)

It’s been a good month except for a little head cold that brought enough sneezing and coughing that sent me back to wearing pads for a couple of days just because of the equal and opposite reaction down below.

I think that I had a light bulb moment during the cold: This is my new reality, and I shouldn’t be frustrated by having to wear pads on occasion.  (In last month’s post, I was still fighting the idea of having to do that.  This month, I’ve come to terms with it.)

I continue to try and educate when an opportunity presents itself without being overtly aggressive about it.  If awareness is enough to cause another man to get checked out, then it’s worth it. 

So that’s about it for now.  The warm weather got me cleaning out the garage this weekend… It was more fun than one would think…

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