Month 15 – Spring Cleaning

Okay, so it’s mid-February and I’ve gotten an early jump on some serious spring cleaning.  But being so active has highlighted the fact that the stress incontinence persists. 

Bending, twisting, lifting, stooping, climbing, all can bring a little “surprise.”  And, as usual, some days seem to be better than others.  If I’m going to be really active for an extended period, I find that I will revert to using the pads again.  Not something that I’m thrilled about, but a necessity.

When I was at the surgeon’s last month, we talked about this and he said that at a year out, there’s not going to be much more improvement.  In other words, this may be as good as it gets.

Disappointing?  Certainly.  Of course, I’d love to be 100% dry, but I guess that just isn’t in the cards.  So I’ll adapt and learn to live with what I have.  And, again, it’s more of a nuisance than anything and something that I can tolerate given the alternative.

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