Week 29 – Grandson of Oops!

Man, I’m really slipping here, aren’t I???

No, I wasn’t traveling this week–finally.  I think I just got wrapped up in getting caught up from all the recent trips that I’ve made, plus work has been keeping me busy as we put the finishing touches on our first draft of our FY 2012 business plan.  In other words, I’ve been living in my spreadsheet.

That said, we reset our vacation calendar on 1 June, so I’m back to having 4 weeks of vacation on the books!  Woo-hoo!  🙂   Nothing planned yet, but wait…

Not much has changed on that front, either.  Been pretty “dry” as of late, forgoing the pads for nearly a month now, except when I know I’m going to be much more active than I usually am.  I’m walking home for lunch (one mile each way) when the weather and my meeting schedule cooperates in order to help build up more control.
On the whole, things continue their slow and steady improvement.

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