Day 49 – More Running

The appointment I had this morning was with my local urologist, but his office here in town was booked this week, so I had to drive the 50 minutes to see him in his Cincinnati office.
We chatted about the differing views that the surgeons had regarding the lymph nodes and he agreed with Dr. Cincy—take ‘em out and make sure there’s no cancer in them. (I didn’t tell him which doctor recommended what.)
We also talked about some intermittent discomfort I’ve been having in my back near the left kidney (the one that produced the kidney stone almost six years ago). He ordered an x-ray and CT scan just to take a look and see. If there is any sign of a kidney stone, they would want to deal with that before doing the surgery.
He asked if I could do the scan this afternoon, and I said, “Yep. This is at the top of my priority list right now.” However, I was looking forward to playing in Cincinnati this afternoon. He scheduled the scan back here at the hospital at home, so that meant driving the 50 minutes back to get the scan.
Fortunately, the Radiology department at the hospital wasn’t busy, and I was in and out of there in less than half an hour. The CT scan technician hinted that he didn’t see anything, but the radiologist would review the scans and have the results tomorrow.
After the scan, I returned home for lunch. As I sat there, munching on my spinach and spring greens salad (turning over a new dietary leaf!), I thought, I’m going to go out and play. Back in the car and back to Cincinnati to do the things that I planned on doing before the CT scan got in the way.
So now I’m back home to a pile of stuff that I’ll tackle in the morning before my final pre-surgery physical tomorrow afternoon.

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