Day 36 – Snow

Snow. Shoveling snow at 6:30 AM. Ugh.
I was supposed to meet a friend for breakfast at 7:00 AM and we knew that it would be a little iffy with the forecast. Sure enough, there was about three inches of snow on the ground this morning, and that was enough to postpone our meeting, so I was out shoveling it off the drive before heading to work.
I stayed up reading my new book, “Surviving Prostate Cancer,” a little later than I should have been—11:45 PM—but it’s a very informative book. I made it through about 85 of the 575 pages. You’d think that I would be tossing and turning all night, digesting what I had just read. I didn’t. It was a good night’s sleep.
I’m still waiting to hear back from Dr. Indy concerning the follow-up questions that I sent to him at 9:30 AM Tuesday morning (it’s now 7:00 PM Thursday night).
I forgot to mention that I called the American Cancer Society hotline the other night and spoke to a very nice young woman. Of course, they can’t give out specific guidance on medical treatment, but she pointed me in the direction of more information on their website.
At work, I’m beginning to get things lined up for me to be out 6 weeks (with time off for the holidays in that number). Making contact lists, step-by-step instructions for some of the quirky things that I do, etc. I also approached one of my neighbors (with a snowblower) to see if he would be willing to clear my drive if/when it snows during the 4 weeks after the surgery that I’m not supposed to lift anything. He kindly agreed. (THANKS!!)
After work, I returned home to another inch of snow on the driveway, and a foot or so of snow piled up where the plow went by. So I ended the day just as I had begun it—shoveling snow. Ugh.

Oh. I forgot. An administrative note… If you leave a comment using the “Anonymous” feature, it’s truly that unless you leave a clue for me to figure out who you are… Location… Initial(s)… Of course, you may be intentionally trying to drive me nuts… And that’s okay, too!

One thought on “Day 36 – Snow

  1. Anonymous

    With the exception of today, we have no problem shoveling sunshine
    everyday. Rain & 52 degrees today in the Arizona desert, but not bad to sit in the doctor's office. She had 2 comments: more exercise and get on a regular schedule!!! (failed to say I ride bike 3.5 miles 2 days)
    You can bet I had memories of Alaska with shoveling in the am and
    the city snowplow putting it all back for the pm. I know you are
    getting organized and getting some rest. Makes me feel good too. Working on holiday cards since you have inspired me. Hoping you hear from Dr. Indy before the weekend. How many days until Xmas???


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